What our posters look like

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What do they look like?

All layout designs are for a standard 22" x 28" poster board.
Below are a few examples of our posters:

Example Primary Singing Time Poster

Each poster is church appropriate, easy to read, uses pictures
from the gospel art kits, church manuals, or LDS magazines.
We don't use symbols such as:

eye bee leaf = I Believe = I Believe

Church leaders have advised that as singing leaders, we need to
help the children learn the true meaning of the words.

example poster

We believe in giving the children “key” words. Most children learn
from hearing the song - especially the young who can’t read. We
like to encourage the children to use their memory.
Without looking at the song, can you sing “I lived in Heaven”?
Probably a lot of it. Let’s help our children be able to do the same.
Instead of just putting all the words out in front of them - help
them really learn the song with key words.

What a wonderful opportunity we have to help the primary
children learn the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.
By being well prepared, and using the right tools, we can create a loving
environment where the spirit dwells, and our children’s
testimonies can grow.

Elder Boyd K. Packer said, “We are able to feel and learn very
quickly through music...some spiritual things that we would
otherwise learn very slowly”